We work with a small number of expert Finnish makers. These are established factories specialising in a particular kind of manufacturing and larger scale production, or they are small workshops and individual craftspeople.

Simply put, we choose our makers very carefully. The artistry of every workshop, factory or individual is explicit in our products. It is our mission to reveal the true art of making.


Kuja Studio has a hands-on attitude to product development. The workshop produces bespoke commissions and small batches of furniture with a core team of highly experienced staff led by a master cabinetmaker.


Located in Jurva, a small town near the western coast of Finland that is a traditional centre for furniture manufacturing, the Senkki factory focuses on wooden manufacture, especially chairs and solid wood components. A multi-axis CNC milling station facilitates the economic manufacturing of these. Senkki value quality of craftsmanship above all else.


The Ruhberg factory in Lahti was founded in the 1930’s. Ruhberg specialise in making small to medium batches of high-quality large wooden items. Innovative manufacturing techniques define Ruhberg’s efficient production.


Wooden is a cabinetry and carpentry workshop in Espoo. The company specialises in high-quality bespoke projects and the making of complex components in an economical and repeatable way.